Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kauai 2013 day 10

Another big photography day. Lots of pictures.

We started the day by visiting Lumahai Beach, which, thanks to the wind, featured some exciting wave action.

Although this is very similar to another pic coming up, I really liked the patterns in the sand in this shot:

Looking the other way down the beach, where the mist made for a very picturesque view: 

This is the collision of a wave coming straight in and a wave coming straight across from the right:

I liked the colors in this one, particularly where you can see the sand mixed in with the rising wave:

A wider shot of that same spot, very similar to the first picture I posted...

Which should help give a sense of just how big these waves were to go that far over the top of the rocks:

A couple more looks at some cool waves:

Some Hawaiian Coots that were hanging out along the river that leads into the shoreline:

And a couple of ducks that help illustrate just how windy it was even on land:

During lunch at the always awesome Bubba's, I got this pic of an equally awesome-looking motorcycle. I also appreciated that the driver color-coordinated with his machine:

Dad and I then made another visit to Kilauea Point:

This splash probably doesn't seem like that big a deal...

Until I tell you it was at the top of this bit of land:

Yeah, big waves. Creating even bigger splashes when they collided with land:

But very pretty water as well:

Pics of some Laysan Albatrosses:

Not the best pic, but it featured a different wing positioning than I usually snap—this one had just come around the lighthouse:

And this one was not all that far away when it passed me, making for easily my best Albatross shot of the day:

With this last Albatross pic, I particularly liked how the color of the water contrasted with the bird:

A couple of Frigatebird pics:

Some Red-footed Boobies:

And a Frigatebird chasing a Red-footed Booby:

A pair of whales:

More of the baby Nene:

Seriously, how could I resist this face?

And, of course, I had to include a family photo:

In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure which bird this is. I feel confident that it's a Booby of some sort, and my best guess is that it's an immature Brown Booby. But for now, I'm not setting anything in stone:

Wrapping up the bird portion of this excursion to Kilauea,  I was very fortunate to get some really nice shots of some Red-tailed Tropicbirds. This was the first time I've seen them fly by so close to where we humans hang out, and, thankfully, I was able to take advantage of it:

This one was a bit further away, but I got a kick out of how it appears to be peeking at me from under its wing:

 I liked the different bit of contrast in this shot with the Tropicbird set against the side of the island that sits just off Kilauea Point:

Hands down the best bird shot I took all day. Maybe all week. Seriously, I almost fainted when I went through my pics that evening and saw how well it came out. 

Finally, a look at Kilauea point from the entrance to the wilderness preserve. I don't know how well you can see it, but I'm pretty sure that's a Frigatebird curving around the right side of the lighthouse:

I managed to snag another shot with the sun peeking through the clouds; you can also see how the ocean has taken on a purplish tinge out where it meets the sky on the right:

And finally, a slightly better look at the purple hue I noticed in the water along the horizon:

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