Monday, December 30, 2013

Kauai 2013 day 9

Lots of pics for this entry, so I'll get right to it.

It was a gorgeous day, perfect for taking photos of the equally gorgeous Hanalei Church:

And a closer look at some of the stained-glass windows:

A couple of different views at Lumahai Beach, taken from different lookouts:

 The big event of the day, though, was when we headed on over to our usual beach spot for the afternoon—the small lagoon area was being visited by several sea turtles:

The turtles would just kind of cruise back and forth across this somewhat deeper section of the shore, occasionally surfacing for a quick breath before going back underwater:

You can just barely see the tip of a turtle's head along the edge of a wave:

Loved the various colors of the water in this one; the two dark blotches in the middle are turtles:

I believe there's at least five to six turtles in this shot:

Definitely five turtles in this one:

A lucky catch of two turtles surfacing at the same time:

Not the clearest shot, but I liked how you could see so much of this turtle's body in the rising wave:

One of my better head shots:

Caught this one blowing a bubble:

And a few more closeups I thought came out pretty well:

The turtles were still there when I decided to move on down the beach and focus on some waves instead:

I cranked the shutter speed way up to better freeze the water splash in this one:

So, so pretty.

And on this day, extremely windy, as you can see in these photos of some waves out in deeper water:

And to close out this post, a very striking hibiscus growing near the house:

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