Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kauai 2013 day 11

A rainy day made for a quieter day, photography-wise—all of the day's pictures were taken around the rental house or while we were at the Dolphin waiting to get in for dinner.

In the morning, a female White-rumped Shama settled in on a branch not far from the house to do some grooming:

A Japanese White-eye working some flowers:

I'd put the camera down for a while and was sitting in the living room with Mom, reading, when Dad announced from his spot on the lanai that there was a cow out back. Naturally, we both looked over at the pasture across the road. Dad said, "No, I mean there's a cow here in the yard." Sure enough...  

It didn't take too long for someone to show up and get the cow headed on its way home:

One of the cool things about rainy days in Kauai are how many waterfalls spring up after some steady rainfall.  Granted, they're not really visible in this wide-angle look at the mountain range across from the Dolphin:

Which is why I zoomed in for a better look at them:

Me trying to be clever in how I framed these ducks as they flew by:

And finally, some more White-eyes we noticed working the trees alongside the restaurant as we waited to dine at one of our favorite eateries:

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