Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blue with cold

I took all of today's pics this morning, as I slowly thawed from being outside with Kaylee.

Although I didn't realize it when I first photographed this Blue Jay, you can actually see a bit of frost on its face, right above its eye:

A slightly closer look at the jay's icy face:

While the bird bath was still clearly in the shadows, the rising sun brought a gorgeous golden glow to the branches of the blue spruce. However, if the way the birds huddled was any indication, the light didn't bring a whole lot of warmth with it:

I'm pretty sure the only way this bird could get more puffed up is if it used some sort of air pump:

Believe it or not, there are four Blue Jays in this shot:

Part of me just wanted to go out there and wrap little blankets around them to help them stay warm:

With this last shot, I really liked how the light brought out so much detail in the feathers on this bird's head:

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