Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow birds

Another bunch of bird photos for you today, so once again I'll just get right to it.

It appears this Titmouse got a two-for-one deal, as to my eye it looks like the seed in its mouth is connected to another seed by a bit of ice:

I'm pretty sure that before this morning I hadn't ever seen a pair of House Sparrows on my feeder:

Shortly after the two males landed a female House Sparrow decided to check things out:

Although apparently she wanted a pre-cleared perch:

Success is hers:

But he didn't stay hungry for too long:

I also stopped by and had lunch with Mom and Dad today, so naturally I took a few more bird pictures while I was there. As you can see from the way this Blue Jay is puffed up, it was still pretty cold outside even at noontime:

Another Blue Jay sitting on the bird bath:

Finally, I was just about to head back to work when I spotted this Junco on the cover of Mom and Dad's hot tub. Seriously, how was I supposed to resist this little ball of fluffy goodness?

Love that little dollop of snow on its beak:

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