Monday, December 6, 2010


Even though I'd wanted to keep living in denial of the fact that winter has arrived, discovering ice formations on the branches overhanging the small creek that runs through the museum property most definitely dragged me (kicking and screaming may or may not have been involved) into the reality of the season. On the plus side, it does give me something other than birds to photograph...

Somehow I ended up with a lot of interesting visuals in this one shot. The ice on the end of the branch and the way it stands out against the dark water was, obviously, my main focus. But there's also the crossed branches and their reflection, which I think add an interesting contrast. Not to mention those swirls all over the surface of the water; it reminds me of what oil on water looks like, but without the iridescence:

The water was moving too fast to get a perfect reflection of the ice that's hanging off the edge, but I didn't think this one was too bad:

Just thought this bit of ice looked very cool—no pun intended:

I really liked the combination of the ice and the still-green plants:

Finally, this one intrigued me because of the way the ice that's formed on this plant still echoes the shape of the bud, even though it's now several times larger than the object itself:

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