Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Golden trio

Just a few bird photos today, as after a few quiet days my feeder played host to a steady stream of visitors this morning.

To lead tings off, a Titmouse that decided to swim against the tide and pick the one place on the feeder that doesn't have access to food as its perch:

Liked the symmetry of the Goldfinches' positions in this one:

A third Goldfinch coming in for a landing:

It's not often I see three birds of the same species on my feeder at once:

After a few minutes the bottom bird decided to move up a row, which allowed me to zoom in a bit more and still keep them all in the same frame:

Finally, I took this picture just as an approaching vehicle startled all of the birds into taking off. Note that the top left bird is all the way off the perch and in the air, the top right bird is on the verge of liftoff, and the bottom right bird has just started to move. As I thought about why this would be the case, I realized it makes perfect sense given that the truck was coming from the left of the frame—the bird on that side saw and reacted to it first, followed by the two on the right.

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