Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey, whaddya know—bird photos

Yup, just another bunch of bird pictures today, I'm afraid, as I spent the majority of the day housecleaning and taking care of other chores; by the time I was done, vegging on the couch for the rest of the afternoon seemed like the best possible course of action. Thankfully, though, it was a busy morning at my feeder, so I managed to take quite a few pictures before I settled down to business.

First up, some more Goldfinch action shots for the collection:

Love how the two birds on the left seem to be trash-talking at the would-be encroacher:

Yet another attempt to kick a fellow Goldfinch off its perch:

Gaining the high ground to better intimidate the upstart:

And settling back down, its perch once again secure:

Caught this one just as it started moving over to the opposite side of the feeder:

Later on in the day, this White-breasted Nuthatch showed up to take advantage of a finch-free feeder:

Going down:

After it realized that it couldn't actually get to the seeds up at the very top of the feeder, it moved down to gain access to the good stuff—in this shot you can see that it's holding a sunflower seed at the very tip of its beak:

Getting re-situated:

That's more like it:

Holding a sunflower seed crosswise this time:

A full-body shot I thought came out pretty well:

And finally, I just loved the look it's throwing me over its shoulder here:

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