Friday, December 24, 2010

Here we come a-caroling

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much more like myself today. I'm still dealing with some symptoms and have almost no energy, but my mind is a lot clearer and I'm not fighting the urge to fall asleep every five minutes.

Still, between the whole no energy thing and the usual Christmas Eve busyness I didn't do much in the way of photography. So, after I arrived at my parents place this afternoon, I decided to go with Mom's suggestion and share a bit of holiday cheer. This is a photo of her fairly large collection of Byers' Choice Christmas carolers; rather than find a place to fit a folding table, she instead cleans out the fireplace and sets them up there:

My best wishes to everyone reading this—however you choose to spend your holiday, I hope it's everything you want it to be.


  1. Cute!

    Happy Holidays to you, too.

  2. Lovely idea! Cheery and Christmas-y!

    My friend Deb loves a fire in her fireplace but the thing doesn't draw right so se set up a huge collection of candles in hers. She gets her fire, has a pretty display and the fireplace stays (relatively) clean and smoke-free. Aren't people clever?

  3. So glad you are feeling better Sara. The holidays can be rough. Hope you have a Happy Christmas day.

    All the best,

    - Rich