Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday smorgasbord part 1: good as gold

As you've no doubt gathered by today's post title, I've got a ton of photos thanks to a busy morning at my feeder and an afternoon spent at Mom and Dad's. This first part is all about the Goldfinches, as between the two locations I ended up with a number of Goldfinch action shots I wanted to share.

But first, I just had to include this fun rarity, as I can't remember the last time I took a multi-bird picture that didn't have at least one bird with its head inside the feeder:

And now, on to the hijinks. As you can see, the finch on the lower left has absolutely no idea another bird has its eye on its perch:

While that finch was dealing with its would-be usurper, another Goldfinch came in from the right in search of a landing spot of its own:

While I do know that the bird on the right fluttered around the feeder for a minute or two before it eventually gave up, I'm honestly not sure who emerged victorious in the battle for the other spot—the next frame shows one finch on the spot and the barest hint of the other bird's wing in the lower left corner.

The owners of the maroon truck you can see in the background finally returned, causing the finches to temporarily vacate the feeder. Once they'd returned, though, it wasn't long before they were once again jockeying for the best positions:

After arriving at Mom and Dad's and joining them for lunch, I got my camera out and went to it. Their Goldfinches spent the majority of their time on the thistle feeder next to the blue spruce, so I alternated between watching that feeder and the seed feeders depending on what kind of birds seemed to be around. During a thistle turn, I noticed that one of the Goldfinches had some unusual markings on its face; it wasn't until it shifted positions a moment later that I realized it was actually missing its right eye:

In this shot the one-eyed bird, which I think I'll call Jack from now on, is up on the hanger about to make its move down to the feeder itself:

From what I could tell, Jack does just fine for himself despite the handicap:

And one last picture of Jack for good measure:

That does it for this first half of today's post. Be sure to check out part two, which can be found here.

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