Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday selections

Today I decided a break from banging my head against a brick wall pond photography was in order, instead waiting until I got to my folks' house for dinner with the family to fire up the camera. It was a beautiful sunny day, albeit a very cool one, so I was able to get some nice shots both inside and out.

To start things off, one of Mom's orchids that just started blooming this week:

Looking almost straight up at a group of birch trees:

Dad, Kaylee, and I took a walk up into the woods so he could show me something he'd spotted earlier in the day: a pine cone that'd gotten wedged onto a sapling:

Kaylee looking back toward the house:

And giving Dad her undivided attention. Or, more specifically, giving the cookie Dad held in his hand her undivided attention:

Heading for home:


  1. They're all nice, Sara, but I especially like the last one - call it "The Road Home". The way Kaylee is looking up at your dad is very charming and sweet.

  2. I agree with Anne! Love that last shot.