Friday, April 2, 2010

Duck Duck Goose 2—How Now Brown Cows

Another hodgepodge today, starting off with a cow I spotted as I drove to work. I liked how it looked in the sunlight with its breath around its muzzle—and believe it or not, it was 77 degrees out when I got home tonight.

I came across these as I drove around at lunch time. The first one is clearly giving me the "Would you just take the damn picture already?" look, while the second isn't letting a little thing like height stand in the way of a good meal:

And I just thought this looked kinda cool when I spotted it in yet another flooded field:

After work I did some pond hopping, first heading out toward Shaftbury to revisit the pond my folks told me about a few weeks ago. All of the waterfowl were well away from camera range, but I thought the water was pretty anyway:

And then I wrapped things up by visiting my nemesis's evil lair: aka the pond here in Arlington that's home to the elusive kingfisher. No sightings of the little devil today, but I was lucky enough to see a pair of wood ducks instead:

I waited a while to see if the beaver would show up, but no sign of it above water today. As I waited, I suddenly noticed an increase in the honking volume of the Canada geese scattered around the pond, eventually spotting two geese in the dead reeds I photographed yesterday and three others that were what seemed to be a goodly distance away. However, I'm guessing that the pair have established a nest there, as one of them came bursting out, honking like crazy, and flew right at the other three, chasing them even further away. The gander (I'm presuming) stayed out there for a bit, keeping a wary eye on the three interlopers, and I managed to photograph it just as it decided they'd gotten too close once again:

They finally got the message that time, and until I left kept a healthy stretch of water between themselves and the protective gander. So who knows—maybe some gosling pics are in my future. Taken from a very safe distance, of course. Perhaps even while I'm still inside my car...

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