Monday, April 5, 2010

Inching toward spring

As I didn't have a chance to take pictures during the day today, I decided to swing down by the pond when I got back to Arlington this evening and see what might be happening down on the water. My nemesis continues to elude me (and did his usual flyby, taunting me as I stood at the water's edge), but the very welcome signs of spring all around more than made up for it. New reeds are already starting to emerge from the water:

And buds are popping out in the undergrowth:

I also took some red-winged blackbird pictures that I thought came out halfway decent. In this first one, I liked how the red looked against the pine trees on the other side of the pond:

The contrast between the dead reeds and the bird always makes for a nice visual:

But this one is definitely my favorite of the bunch:

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