Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday reflections

Having worked this past Saturday I was able to take today off from work to make it a three-day weekend. Of course, I ended up spending the entire morning doing some much-needed housecleaning, but after I was finally finished and had regained some energy I went for a drive to find something to photograph.

First, I headed over to the pond near Shaftsbury my parents told me about. It's up the hill from a place called Whimsy Farm, so from now on that one will be Whimsy Pond. As I drove along the length of the pond, I spotted this area where the water was very still, which, combined with an overcast sky, produced some really clear and interesting reflections:

I really liked the colors at work in this shot:

Once I'd finished at Whimsy Pond, I drove back into Arlington and headed down Route 313 along the Battenkill. I stopped at a pulloff and took some shots of the river, including this one:

Finally, I couldn't resist the temptation to swing by and see if my nemesis was around. He was, sitting in a tree right by the side of the road. And, as usual, he waited until just when I was raising my camera to fly off, cackling. No, really. Just take a listen to the recording on Wikipedia's Belted Kingfisher page.

It wasn't a completely wasted trip, though. I did manage to take this shot of a robin collecting nesting material which I thought looked kinda cool:

And I also discovered one good thing about visiting Nemesis Pond (like I was going to name it anything else) so often—the landscape has gotten familiar enough that when something's different, I actually notice it. At least that was the case when I was scanning the landscape across the pond and thought "Huh. Something seems off about that dead trees." I stared at it more closely, and realized that's because there was a heron sitting on one of the branches. As with the kingfisher pics yesterday it's not the greatest shot by any stretch of the imagination, but at least you can tell what it is:

Between yesterday and today, I'm starting to wonder if the universe isn't trying to tell me it wants me to buy a camera with a telephoto lens. I mean, what other reasonable explanation is there, right?

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