Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learn something new...

Today I wasn't feeling very ambitious, so at lunchtime I went out behind our office building to see what there was to photograph. These little blue wildflowers that had sprung up all over the lawn caught my eye, so I took several photos of those, as well as some shots of the small pond in back, and called it a day.

But when I got home this evening, I really didn't like that once again I'd be identifying something in one of my pictures as yet another pretty flower I don't know the name of. So I opened up Google, started trying different word combinations, and hoped I'd get lucky. And for once, I did—thanks to the wonder that is the internet, I discovered that these wildflowers are Bird's Eye Speedwell, a non-native species that grows throughout North America. I feel so proud of myself:

I liked how the yellow of both the dandelion and the bee stood out against the Speedwells:

Finally, a photo that came out a lot better than I'd expected it to—a look at the lunker of a brown trout residing in our pond:

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