Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Water world

For whatever reason, this year the switch to daylight savings time has left me with the approximate brain function of a turnip. So, lacking anything remotely resembling inspiration, I figured, "hey, it's been a week—I'll take some more river shots." I did at least pick different locales, though. These first two were taken on the outskirts of Manchester; I'd gone just far enough uphill that there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground. Much more than in town, anyway:

At my coworker Yoshi's suggestion (and man, did I miss a golden photo op with him today. Granted, he'd have likely killed me if I'd posted it, but still: golden), after work I took a drive down Arlington's River Road off Route 313. Route 313 follows alongside the Battenkill pretty much all the way into New York, while River Road parallels Route 313 along the opposite side of the river. It's a dirt road that also hugs the edge of a mountain, so the traffic was minimal and no one cared if I suddenly stopped, backed up, and pulled off. Which is exactly what happened when I noticed this feeder stream tumbling down the mountain:

I liked how the afternoon light was hitting different spots in the water, and even managed to catch a couple of examples:

Here's hoping this jet-lagged feeling starts to subside before I'm so lacking in ideas that I resort to photographing my dryer's lint trap...


  1. Shiny!

    Some people make art with dryer lint. Just saying...

  2. It's amazing to see how much the temperature has changed in just the past few weeks. The feeder stream is quite beautiful.

  3. Beautiful scenery! I love the trees hanging over the river in the first shot and the tumbling, bubbling waters in the rest.

  4. Great pictures! I really like the last one.