Friday, March 26, 2010

Bumper to bumper

*typing fast to get post in under the wire*

So, tonight was the annual bumper pool tournament at Wayne and Tara's weekly pub gathering. Thanks to the addition of both an announcer and cheerleaders, it was a somewhat longer evening than usual, but I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Since we were a) drinking and b) playing a game involving sticks and balls, I'm sure you can imagine the high level of sophistication and subtlety involved in our exchanges—every time I thought all of the possible testicle jokes and entendres had been exhausted, I was almost immediately proven wrong.

Anyway, on to the pics.

First, the Guinness tap back in its rightful place, where even the heavens above smile upon it:

Tara herself drew this shamrock on top of my pint:

I've never seen this used, but I hope to one day:

I need this sign in my apartment. Or possibly as a pin I can wear to work functions:

Gotta love the window dressing:

What kind of Irish pub would it be without shamrock plants around?

On the far right, Wayne calls the action while former champions Rob (middle) and Patrick (left) look on; that's Greg you can see in the foreground of the left corner:

There was an awful lot of teasing about Greg's unique method of gripping the pool cue, but given that he made the final four I'd say he had the last laugh, no?

Tara's mom checks out the tournament from the stairwell:

Patrick is joined on the bench by Margot during this game. As you can see, things are pretty cramped downstairs where the table is set up—watching spectators lean out of the way and competitors make sure they weren't going to jab someone in the stomach with the cue was a sport all on its own:

As for me? I managed to get eliminated in the first round twice: once by Patrick and once by a latecomer, Jerry, when I was asked to step in and make sure he at least earned his spot in the next round. But as I noted Patrick's a former champion, and Jerry made it to the final game, so I wasn't too distraught to have lost to either of them. And Greg did a terrific job of upholding the family honor, making it two straight years a member of the Wilcox clan made it to the final four.

All in all, it was a great evening. This time next week Wayne and Tara will be on a plane en route to the Emerald Isle itself, and I'm already looking forward to seeing the photos when they return in mid-April.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun was had!!! How did she get that shamrock so clearly depicted on the foam?