Friday, March 19, 2010

Feed the birds

When it came time for lunch today, I figured I could combine two tasks—getting food and taking photos—in one errand by taking photos of where I was getting the food. I was in the mood for something healthy and hearty, so I swung by Al Ducci's to get myself a mozzarella-tomato-basil sandwich:

They make their own mozzarella on the premises, and it's simply amazing. Of course, they have a variety of prepared dishes, as well as fresh bread, various cheeses and cold cuts:

An assortment of balsamic vinegars are displayed above these tomatoes:

And they have a bit of olive oil there too:

They also carry dried pasta, beverages, cookies and other dessert-type goodies, and, in the spring, chocolate Easter eggs—including this 5 kilogram bad boy being raffled off to benefit the area animal shelter:

When I was exploring the edge of the pond yesterday I noticed a couple of cars drive by along the opposite side. So after work today I decided to find that road and take a look around. Turns out there's a small campground back in the woods on that side—which meant I had a place to park—and much easier access to the water's edge. After pulling over I cautiously made my way over (coming thisclose to sinking one foot up over my shoe in the mud) and took some pictures of Canada geese. They weren't all that exciting, but in these two photos I liked the effect of the wakes trailing behind the birds:

As I drove back toward town I spotted some red-winged blackbirds moving around in the reeds. It's a not a bird I often come upon, as I've never lived really close to a body of water, so I couldn't resist the opportunity. Since the setting sun was behind me and already being blocked by the trees, it wasn't great light for taking photos—especially of a blackbird in a shaded area:

I also spotted ducks and a heron while I was there (the heron, of course, was working the opposite shoreline). So I'm thinking I may go back and try photographing around the pond again sometime this weekend when there's a bit more daylight to work with.


  1. Yum. Good thing I ate dinner already, or I'd be raiding the fridge right now. ;)

  2. Durnit Sara, now I'm hungry again!

    I really enjoy your photographic journal, and I hope you're having fun creating it.