Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In a reflective mood

We've gotten quite a bit of rain here this week, so between that and the snow melt coming down off the mountains there's a lot of water in spots we don't normally see it. At least one field on my way to and from work appears to have been replaced by a lake, and everywhere I could see the river it was flooded over its banks. In the case of these first three pics, that means I got to take some interesting shots of tree and brush reflections that won't exist in a month or so:

I shot this last photo down at the pond here in Arlington. Thankfully, the water hasn't risen so high as to make driving along the bank a non-starter. Not yet, at least. Anyway, I liked how the lightness of the trunk stood out against the water; the framing effect provided by the pine trees was a happy accident:

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