Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kauai 2014: day 7

Lots of photos today, most of them taken during a trip to Lumahai Beach. So I'll just get right to it.

Looking at the beach from the path down:

A few photos of the beach, this time with people so as to give a sense of scale. This is actually only one half of the entirety of Lumahai; the other side will be featured in a future post:

A closer look at the rocks in a quiet moment:

And a sequence I loved, as the foam poured over the same section of rocks:

More looks at the water moving over the rocks:

If you look closely, you'll see a bird standing on the edge of that hillside:

More looks at the shore; basically, I picked images where the spray, waves, or patterns on the beach caught my eye:

Loved this twister of a spray:

Bringing some sand up over:

More random looks at the shoreline:

Quick sequence as a wave came over the top of the rock above:

Later shots of another wave coming over with even more enthusiasm:

A last look at this part of Lumahai:

A couple of shots taken looking straight up into the foliage as we walked back up the path from the beach:

And looking down at the ocean from the cliff above:

When we returned home, I decided to walk over and take a couple of photos of the waterfall as it looked a day later:

As you can see, after only a few hours without rain, the smaller waterfall is no longer there:

Walking back to the house, I happened to hear, and then see, this white-rumped shama not too far away from the driveway, giving me the chance to snag some good closeups: 

Puffed up a bit:

Time for a bit of preening:

Sorting out that one obstinate feather: 

One final beauty shot to close out this lengthy post:

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