Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kauai 2014: day 11

Another huge post is required to cover this particular day, so I'll get right to it.

To start things off, a green anole I noticed out behind the house:

Working its way up a banana tree:

Couldn't resist this shot of it peeking over the edge of a leaf:

A few pics of some Mejiros:

Our yard also saw a visit from a Golden Plover, a bird that breeds in Alaska and Siberia and then winters on islands in the Pacific Ocean each year. 

As you can see, it snagged itself a worm:

Which it then dropped...

And picked up again:

Searching for more goodies to eat:

Scoring another morsel:

Albeit a bit smaller this time around:

One last look:

A female shama grabbing some twigs for a nest:

And resting in a nearby tree:

Down at the beach, we saw a Cattle Egret working a hedge in front of a house:

Later on, we spent some time at Tunnels Beach. Since it had turned into a nice day, I took some photos of the famous shoreline, featuring Mount Makana, better known to most as Bali Ha'i.

Panning across the horizon from my spot on the beach:

A couple of my favorite shoreline shots:

And a panorama view I stitched together from four separate photos:

As Mom and I walked back to the house, we came across this Cattle Egret working the foliage along the berm:

I liked how the shape of its head curves along the same line as the leaf:

Is it me, or do we now know what kind of bird the Velociraptors turned into?

Thankfully, it seems more interested in smaller prey these days:

Panting in the afternoon heat:


Or yelling about having hot feet?

Kind of it to pose for me, though:

And some more action shots that I couldn't choose between:

Finally, once again I wrap things up with some flower pics:

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