Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kauai 2013 day 8, part 1

I had trouble narrowing down my photo picks from day 8 to a reasonable number, so I decided to split the day into two parts instead. As I'd gotten myself a wicked sunburn the day before while at the beach, I spent most of this day in and around the house, wearing long sleeves and staying out of the sun as much as possible. Fortunately, there was still plenty to see and photograph from the protective shade of the lanai, starting with this pair of Japanese White-eyes working some flowers along the edge of the property, which I happened to spot not too long after I'd gotten myself out of bed:

This female White-rumped Shama, like myself, stayed in the shadows during a brief stop on the lanai railing, but I thought her silhouette still made for an interesting image:

A look at the same bird perched on the roof corner of a nearby house:

A male Shama. Despite his bright orange breast, he still was not the easiest bird to spot when he chose to sit in this tree:

A good look at the female Shama as she sat on one of the stumps at the edge of our rental property:

She was even kind enough to pose so I could get a nice image of the white patch that gives the bird its name:

Shortly afterward, a male Shama did the same:

Giving me a beauty shot while he was at it:

And a final look at a female through some foliage:

A female Northern Cardinal:

An upside-down Japanese White-eye working a hibiscus blossom:

Loved how this one turned out:

A pair of White-eyes take cover underneath the large leaves of this plant:

Although they clearly didn't mind perching on top of it either:

When I noticed some movement on a plant in the middle of the lawn, I cautiously ventured forth to see what I might be able to photograph. Fortunately, I was able to find a few shady spots to take pictures from, and ended up with some good shots of the various Anoles exploring the branches of the bush in question. Leading things off, a brown anole relaxing on a limb:

The same anole with its dewlap on full display:

A gorgeous green anole:

A closer look at that same anole giving me the side-eye:

A look at the green anole's dewlap:

I just liked the composition of this shot, accidental as it was on my part:

Some shots of an anole as it peered over the edge of a leaf:

Finally, some closer looks at the green anole as it kept an eye on me:

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