Monday, December 23, 2013

Kauai 2013 day 7

A much quieter day, which we all needed after the excitement (and drinking) of the day before...

A Japanese White-eye working some of the flowers next to the house:

Beauty shot of a flower for my friend Sarah K.:

My attempt at some landscape-type pics of the ocean:

While not much of this one is in focus, I liked the sense of motion you get from that bit of blurriness:

A sharper photo of the water coming in—if you look closely at the leading edge, you can see particles of sand being drawn up by the wave:

Obligatory surfer shot:

You know that if a dog goes by I'm going to try and get some photos of it:

Playtime at the beach!

Not the best photo, thanks to the haziness, but if you look in the middle you can see a waterfall running down diagonally from left to right:

Finally, a couple of shots of a White-rumped Shama that was perched in some foliage we walked past on our way back to the house:

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