Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sand crabs

A few more Kauai pictures today, taken on a somewhat overcast day when I noticed movement on the sand as I watched the ocean from our second-story lanai. I parked myself on the ground not too far from one of the freshly-dug holes that dotted the beach, and luckily the rain held off long enough for me to photograph some sand crabs—all I had to do was to stay still and wait for them to emerge:

As you can see, the sand on Kauai is much coarser than what those of us who grew up visiting Atlantic-facing beaches are used to, and as a result the crabs have adapted to the point where their coloring camouflages them almost perfectly:

With the crab in the above image edged a bit further out of its hole, you can see that one claw is significantly larger than the other; I presume the smaller one is a regrowth in process:

A look at the back of a crab as it makes its way back down into its burrow:

A wider shot to help provide a sense of how well the crabs blend into the landscape unless you get pretty close to them:

And one last shot of a crab in all its glory:


  1. Don't you hate when people come up with dumb things they think the animal in your photo is saying? Like… gee, in that last shot, it looks like he's saying, "Geez, lady, give me a break!"

  2. Do you happen to know the proper name for this species of crab?