Monday, July 4, 2011

Cedar waxwings

I stayed over at Mom and Dad's for about a week and a half in June, and while I was there I managed to expand my already embarrassingly large assortment of unsorted photos to gigantic proportions. I'm going to try my best to do something about that, starting with a few shots I took of some of the Cedar Waxwings that spent a good deal of quality time plucking berries off a bush growing just outside the dining-room window:

To try and get some decent shots, I'd check on the bush periodically until I could see them moving around through the branches. Then I'd sneak out the front door, stand on the front step, and wait until they moved close enough to my side of the bush to get a clear look at them. Or as close to clear as I could manage:

Streeeeeeetch that neck out:

The berry has been successfully obtained:

And going down the hatch:

Even though the bird is mostly obscured by leaves in this last shot, I still liked how it turned out:

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  1. These photos are wonderful. I hope you post more often.