Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeding the birds part 2

The promised second round of photos from our day of feeding the birds while lunching at Bubba's. First up, though, a shot of a bird that hasn't yet made an appearance on my blog, but is about to get a lot of face time in this post—the Red-crested Cardinal:

These cardinals are a fairly common sight on Kauai (or at least on our end of the island), and there were at least three or four patrolling the ground around Bubba's, trying to beat the sparrows to any scraps that might fall. Only one, though, was daring enough to hop up on the picnic table and try for a french fry:

It didn't hang in there like the sparrows, though, backing off when it couldn't immediately snag a piece of fry for itself:

The sparrows, however, had no such issues:

I love how it looks as if it wants to say, "Are you really going to let her have that whole fry?":

"Seriously? You're going to let her have all of it?":

Liked the wing flare on this one:

Check out the sparrow and the cardinal facing off in the background:

"Oh yeah. This piece is mine.":

I thought this was a fun sequence of a female sparrow doing her darndest to get a piece of the fry:

Another cool wing flare:

And two final shots of a male sparrow, before and after it exploded into the air as it worked to break off a piece of the fry:

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