Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feeding the birds

Good news: I'm posting more Hawaii pics. Bad news: while I think they're fun, they're not particularly scenic.

Whenever I'm in Kauai, one of the things on my must-do list is pay at least a couple of visits to Bubba's Burgers. The burgers won't be winning any culinary awards, but they're damn tasty and it's a fun place to hang out. We usually sit at one of the picnic tables lined up in front of the building, and spend our meal watching the birds flit around in search of fallen scraps of food.

On one lunchtime visit, however, the birds—particularly the House Sparrows—seemed extremely interested in our meal as it was in progress, lining up along the edge of our table to watch as we ate:

Seeing as how these Sparrows seemed quite comfortable being so close to humans, we decided to conduct an experiment. I got my camera ready, Mom held out one of her french fries, and we all waited to see what would happen. We really didn't have to wait for very long:

In these next two pics, you can see how the Sparrow twisted from side to side as it attempted to break off a piece of the fry:

A different Sparrow using his wing to get a bit more oomph behind his pulling:

A female Sparrow doing the same thing:

I kept this one a wide shot to show how the other birds were just hanging out, seemingly content to wait their turn:

Back to a closer view of a female Sparrow doing her darndest to get herself a piece of that fry:

It got to the point where she actually swiveled her head around 180° during her efforts:

And after this last twist, she finally managed to snag her prize:

Finally, a couple of shots of a another female working on a fry that I thought came out rather well:

Stay tuned for a look at some photos I took while I was holding a french fry with one hand and working my camera with the other...

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