Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter blues

One last group of snow-filled photos before I get to Hawaii...

Saturday morning, we woke up to another several inches of snow. After Greg and I finished our shoveling and snow blowing fun, I took a few photos of some of the Redpolls that had landed on the top of the blue spruce—this was my favorite of the bunch:

On Sunday, I decided to try something different in order to photograph the Blue Jays that were hanging out around the feeder. My efforts in the past have often been hit or miss, as the jays tend to not want to land on the feeder when I'm standing taking pictures through the sliding glass door. So I set up my new tripod, got the camera focused on the hook and feeders, turned off the auto focus, and plugged in the remote shutter release I'd also gotten for Christmas. Then I settled into the blue chair and waited to see if they'd return now that there wasn't a human-shaped object by the door. I was not disappointed:

Some Redpolls that descended on the feeders once the Blue Jays had left:

Greg came home with a jar of peanuts that he assured me were not palatable for human consumption. He put a few out on the porch railing, and as you'd expect the birds did not have a similar issue. I missed my chance to photograph a Blue Jay grabbing a few, but I did manage a few shots of a Titmouse doing the same:

And two last Blue Jay photos, both taken the old-fashioned way:

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