Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cat birds

Just thought I'd share some shots I took over the holiday weekend, starting with a photo of my neighbor's cat giving me the classic "What're you lookin' at?" expression:

I liked the symmetry of the birds' positions in this pic:

A Chickadee giving me a sidelong look:

I don't think this one could possibly have opened its beak any wider:

A little later on, it appeared as if this Titmouse found the other half of the Chickadee's peanut:

A closeup I thought came out pretty well:

A pair of Goldfinches:

A pair of Pine Siskins sharing the feeder with a Chickadee:

A closer look at the Pine Siskins:

Some Pine Siskin action shots for you:

Yup, that'd be four Pine Siskins sharing the feeder with a Goldfinch. Considering that before last month I'd never knowingly seen even one, I figured it was as good a shot as any to close out with:

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