Monday, March 10, 2014

Kauai 2014: First day continued

Whoops.  I didn't mean for quite so much time to pass between posts, but between the vacation and the recovery, the time just sort of got away from me. At any rate, back to vacation pics.

To start things off, a banana tree blossom:

Although it looks fearsome, and is bigger than any spider I've ever seen in Vermont, this Garden Spider is considered harmless to humans:

A ginormous bee gives me the eye:

A Northern Cardinal sitting on a palm branch:

A closer look at those pretty yellow flowers that were growing all around the house:

Down at the beach, a look back at the mountain revealed a waterfall that would only get stronger as my vacation went on:

A couple of Red-crested Cardinals:

This one appears to be carrying a grape, which it eventually flew off with:

A Myna, doing what I can only describe as a strut along the edge of the beach:

A Zebra Dove that had no qualms about wandering around just a couple of feet from where we sat:

Another few looks at the monk seal:

Waving to me as I headed down the beach? I like to think so. 

A couple of closeups:

One last look:

And finally, a few pics of a male White-rumped Shama that was singing away in a tree just across from the house:

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