Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kauai 2014: First day

I'm still pretty zonked from the long day of travel, but I wanted to share at least a few of the pics I took today; these are all of a female Hawaiian monk that was lounging near the shore when myself and my folks walked over for my first beach visit of my vacation:

While not quite as big as one of the seals I saw on my final day last year, today's seal was no slouch in the size department—I wouldn't be at all surprised if she too was pregnant:

How can anyone resist the cuteness of this face?

She sported quite a few scars, both on her belly (as you can see in the next photo) and her sides (some of which can be spotted in the previous pics), most likely signs of having survived a shark attack or two in her lifetime:

Finally, if this isn't the quintessential "What're you lookin' at?" expression, I don't know what is: 

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