Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kauai 2013: Day 2

My second day in Kauai was my first chance to visit the Saturday farmer's market. Shortly after the market opened, a vendor started calling out to draw people's attention to the rainbow that had appeared across the way, in the opposite direction from where most shoppers were facing. I know I'd have missed it if he hadn't said anything, so if he happens by some random happenstance to be reading this: thank you.

That afternoon, we headed back to Tunnels Beach to enjoy a quiet afternoon of sand, waves, and sunshine as I continued to get my feet under me. I'm not one for sunbathing per se, as I tend to get bored just lying there, but sitting with my camera and finding things to photograph? That I'm just fine with. A surfer checking his camera before heading out to catch some waves; I hope his images came out okay:


And some shots of a few Red-crested Cardinals that were working both the sand around us and the trees behind us:

I noticed that sometimes they drooped their wings down when they were on land, almost to the point where the tips were touching the ground, but so far I haven't thought of a reason why that might be:

I was looking almost straight up at this one for the next two shots:


This one caught my eye because it was such a different red from what I'm used to seeing on these birds:

Helpfully, one of the other birds hopped to a nearby branch so I could get some nice comparison shots:

More shots to come from this particular day...

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  1. Sara, You've outdone yourself. The bird photos are beyond awesome!!!