Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kauai 2013: Day 2 Part 2

Basically, a bunch of pictures of the other bird I photographed this particular afternoon—a Cattle Egret. First up, a picture I took of an egret in a small meadow that was on our way over to the beach:

A little while later, an egret landed up in one of the trees along the edge of Tunnels Beach—the only time such a thing happened while we were hanging out there:

After posing in the tree for me for several minutes, the egret decided it was ready to spend some quality time on the beach, landing not all that far from where my folks were sitting:

It then started working its way through the foliage at a very leisurely pace. Which, needless to say, was absolutely fine by me:

I really liked how the colors came out in the shot:

Enjoy a bit of a snack in the form of a black anole:

Taking in the lay of the land from a fallen tree trunk:

The classic one-legged pose:

Taking a moment to decide where to next place its foot:

Another shot I really liked in terms of how the lighting and colors came out:

Finally, perhaps having tired of keeping an eye on me and my camera, it flew further back into the protective cover of the brush:

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  1. Sara,

    With each posting you out do yourself in wonderful photos.