Monday, October 22, 2012

Kauai 2012: Lighthouse visit the first, part 3

As if my first trip to the lighthouse this year hadn't already been exciting enough, what with getting to see Great Frigatebirds up close and capturing that extensive 'Iwa/booby chase, I had yet another cool moment awaiting me when I went through the day's pictures. Once again, it was one of those situations where I saw a group of birds and took a bunch of photos to sort through later. In this case, it initially seemed as if I'd caught three 'Iwas fighting over another fish:

However, as I continued going through the pictures, I realized I was looking at something else entirely—rather than fighting over a meal, the 'Iwa holding the fish was actually feeding it to the bird just below it:

Needless to say, I was pretty psyched to have captured something like that. And, to close out the 'Iwa portion of the visit, a couple of shots of the three birds as they went along their way:

I also managed to snag some decent shots of a Nene as it wandered the grounds. As is always the case when I photograph geese, I took full advantage of my zoom lens and maintained a safe distance from the bird at all times:

Finally, a couple of shots of a nicely symmetrical pair of Amaryllis flowers, first spotted by my mom:

And this, at long last, brings the photo record of my first visit of 2012 to the Kilauea lighthouse to a close.