Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kauai 2012: Another day at the beach

You know it's not going to be your typical trip to the beach when the first things you see upon arriving are these signs:

And indeed, that day there were more whitecaps than I think I'd ever seen during one of my visits:

These next shots will, I hope, help convey a better sense of what the ocean was like that day:

I really liked the contrasting colors in this one:

After I'd been photographing the waves for a while, I decided it was time to wander down the beach a little; this one is a look back at where my family was sitting (you can catch a glimpse of the top of a beach chair on the right of the shot):

With this shot, I was intentionally trying to have a bunch of different things happening in the foreground, middle, and background. I'm not sure how well it works overall, but at least it highlights some of the foliage in the area:

Two shots of some white flowers and, at least in the first case, the spider webs strung between the plant's large leaves:

A photo I took looking straight up through the trees at the edge of the property we were staying at:

One of these Java Sparrows had definitely seen better days where his plumage is concerned:

Any time I watched the Java Sparrows hop around, I was reminded of the Mynah bird that would randomly hop through the old Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons:

A group of Zebra doves taking dirt baths:

And finally, a couple more photos of the male White-rumped Shama, taken as it made quite a racket while perched on a house number marker:

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  1. That first shot of foliage - trees, mountain (?) in the background, flowering plants in the foreground - it looks almost like a painting, perhaps by Audubon. Definitely book-illustration material.

    You are, as always, an awesome photo-journalist.