Friday, April 1, 2011

Short but sweet

Just wanted to share a couple of photos today; I actually took them the same day as the Robin photos in my last post, but since I had so many images to share it made more sense to me to save these for a separate entry.

I was kneeling in Kaylee's favorite chair (and you should have seen the puppy-dog eyes she kept giving me while I was taking up all the space on her favorite perch), window open, camera ready, and watching the Chickadees, Juncos, and the occasional Robin flit in and out of the branches of the blue spruce when I happened to notice the arrival of this female Cardinal. I was thankful I had the windowsill to prop my elbows on as I photographed her, especially since the light was getting low—I'm sure it's a big reason why these two shots in particular came out as sharp as they are:

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