Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My route to work takes me past a small farm, and, for whatever reason, as I was driving home yesterday the way the afternoon sun backlit one of their horses caught my eye. Enough so that I ended up turning around and driving back so I could try taking a few pictures.

This is the first one I took of the horse in question; I know the fence wiring running across the frame isn't ideal, but otherwise this is pretty much the exact visual that grabbed my attention to begin with:

The palomino was by no means the only occupant of the pasture—a pinto and a dark brown horse were also hanging around that end of the field. After some initial curiosity on the part of the brown and palomino horses, they pretty much ignored me and went back to grazing. But when I noticed this bit of symmetry, I decided a few more pictures were in order. I was a little wary of getting too close to the fence, as I was assuming it was electrified, but by crouching down a bit and using the zoom I was able to work around the wires:

A few minutes later, the pinto was kind enough to adopt the same pose for me:

Finally, even though it was among the first I took I saved this shot for last, as it's one of those happy accidents that ended up being my favorite photo of the bunch—I was going for another shot entirely when the horse decided to move on me:

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