Wednesday, July 4, 2012

(Rusty) Red, white and blue

I photographed this family of Bluebirds while house-sitting for my parents about two weeks ago, and it dawned on me yesterday that today would be the perfect day to post them, what with the male fitting in with the holiday's color scheme and all. In fact, I took the majority of these pics right upon arriving at their place; I noticed the male Bluebird dart out of a bush next to the garage as I pulled up, and, as experience has taught me that birds tend to see cars as another part of the landscape, I just stayed right in my driver's seat and waited to see if it would return. As you can see, I wasn't disappointed:

The female wasn't quite as active as the male on this particular day, and even when she did flit over closer to my spot she tended to keep toward the back of the foliage. This was one of the few close-up shots I got of her from my automotive vantage point:

The male and female hanging out on the far corner of the roof:

A young Bluebird checking out the rain gutter, both outside...

And in:

A closer look at the youngster:

Both adult Bluebirds also spent a fair amount of time in the blue spruce that sits in front of the house; if nothing else, it appears it was a good spot to do a bit of grooming:

Aaahh... that's the spot:

A beauty shot of the male sitting up on the corner of the garage:

And finally, you can now say you've seen a Bluebird perched atop a Wild Turkey's head; whether you mention that the turkey was a weathervane is completely your call:

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