Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome aboard

Taking a break from Hawaii pics to share some photos I took over the weekend of a couple of birds that visited my birdfeeder for the first time. Or, at least, the first time I was sitting there with my camera ready.

First up, a European Starling:

As you can see, it's a bit large to sit comfortably on any of the perches, so it kind of has to tuck itself in a bit:

A photo that shows how wide the Starling can open its mouth, much more so than most birds; one of the Starling's primary methods of hunting insects is to stab its beak into the ground, pry open a small hole, and stare down at the tip of its bill to see what bugs it may have uncovered:

I liked how the bird's beak was backlit in this shot:

I thought this one provided a nice look at the plumage that gives the Starling its name:

Digging in to grab a bite to eat:

Success! And I also love how the sunlight brings out the iridescence of its feathers in this particular shot:

Showing off its prize to me:

An incredibly lucky catch of the peanut going down the hatch:

One last beauty shot of our Starling:

The second newcomer to my feeder is the Red-bellied Woodpecker. And it just happened to perch at an angle that allowed me some nice shots of the patch of feathers that give the bird its name:

Proudly displaying the pistachio it pulled from the feeder:

Another visit, another morsel—this time a peanut:

Finally, a closeup I thought came out really nicely:

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