Monday, September 5, 2011


On my way back home from photographing the flood waters last Monday, I noticed a pair of female Monarch butterflies working the flowers out in front of St. James church. Nice sunny day, colorful flowers, butterfly... yeah, no way I wasn't taking pictures.

I love how the butterfly seems to be looking right at me in this one:

A wide shot of the pair:

A couple of shots of this butterfly's wings:

A bumblebee and a butterfly sharing real estate for a moment:

I really liked how the colors in this shot came out:

A good look at a butterfly using her proboscus to dine:

My best shot that day of a butterfly's wings; I wish there'd been a bit more light on the shot, but you take what you can get:

And in this last shot, I really liked how the wing was backlit—it reminded me of stained glass:

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